A classic jumper, Rupert, posed proudly for this portrait.

Oil on Canvas  24" x 34"

Private collection, France.

The Photo for "Warrior" was taken on a hot day at the Thunderbird Horse Park in Langley, BC. This lovely animal was waiting in the blistering summer sun, literally champing at the bit waiting for his turn in the ring.

Oil on Canvas 24" x  34"


Private collection, France.

"lulu & freddy" was taken on the same hot, summer day. The young rider was wistfully watching the other competitors: the horse was not so interested in the results and was poking around as horses do.

Oil on canvas: 24" x 36" FOR SALE BY ARTIST

"Lowther Castle"
is a special composite for a very special client. She loves Arabian horses, has a family castle in England and wanted to combine both.
This was created from a post card sized print with great imagination.


Oil on Canvas: private collection  Langley.