European riders have a different style from North Americans: equally as powerful and impressive.

This rider in the Spanish style was warming up at a horse show in Avignon, France. It was a cold winter's day with the Mistral blowing incessantly.

"Black Rider" oil on canvas. 24' X 34".

For sale by artist.

Horsemen of the Camargue, known as Guardians, are family people. This photo was taken one Easter weekend at the Blessing of the horses in Arles, France. Families gather, all ages from the very young to the very old, bring their horses to the local church and wait in the town square. The local priest blesses them all, then they parade through the town en route to a feast.

"Hands of God" oil on canvas 36' X 28".

The Guardians have their own special equipment unique to this part of the world. The saddles have no horn but a large pommel and the cantel is high as well, makes for comfortable long days in the saddle: especially good when working with the bulls of the Camargue. The riders wear a special dress hat for show: their version of a cow-boy hat.

The horses themselves are short coupled and sturdy: a small animal can carry a very large person. They are native to the marshes and sandy area of the Camargue, and are born dark brown and turn "white" as they mature. They are a truly beautiful horse. 

"The Wait" oil on canvas 40" X 38"

For sale by artist.

"The Bow" photo was taken on a hot summers' day. It was the same show as "Anticipation" but this horse and rider were aggressively warming up:everyone cleared the way when this forceful duo headed in their direction. He was the master of the ring.

36 X 54 Oil on canvas: Private collection France.