The Artist
Pierre Ruiz is an international artist, now living in Vancouver, BC. Born in Algeria, he grew up in France. A skilled map-maker and graphic designer by trade, he took up art late in life.  Formally educated in Aix en Provence after few lessons with the artist Georges Carr, he was well on his way to winning numerous awards and prizes for his pastels both in France and Canada . Once his skill surpassed that of his mentor, he branched out into oils. Now in Vancouver for 10 years, he continues to create oils, pastels and carvings for shows and special orders.
He is preparing major works on his most recent favorite subject- the wine world.

We have selected a few for your enjoyment.

BTW, if you think you see him on the side of a bus, you do. He is the manager of Liberty Wine Merchants, Granville Island and is the official "bon vivant" ambassador! As they say, "a day without wine is like a day without sunshine".

Every picture does have a story and the ones created by Pierre are no exception. Please contact the artist at  or call him at 778-919-5957.